Resistance Band Workouts for Women: Building Strength and Tone Without Bulking Up


  1. Advantages of Resistance Band Training for Women
  2. Resistance Band Training Examples for Women
  3. Rigtht Form and Breathing Way
  4. Reasonable Training Program for Women
  5. Precautions When Working Out at Home
  6. Conclusion

From now on, more and more people, especially women, will pay more attention to building physical strength and shaping their bodies. But there's a problem: they worry about making overweight bodies by wrong exercise ways. Therefore, this article aims to introduce resistance band training as an ideal tool to help females build strength and a healthy body correctly. And then, we will introduce a proper breathing way and training movement meanwhile providing a sensible training plan.

There is an outdated stereotype that men are more appropriate for heavy lifting workouts while women lack the same physical strength. And most importantly, they haven't enough power to fulfill it. It was a wrong conception that women are unsuitable for all fitness exercises. And today, women's fitness is gradually being taken seriously. In addition to some usual activities, women should also do strength training. And after the age of 30, and may lose 3-8% of their muscle less every ten years. The only way to reduce the situation is to start strength training, which is the only way to look better and healthier.

Firstly, let's look at what strength training has to offer benefits.

Advantages of Resistance Band Training for Women

Science Research has shown that strength training can benefit your health in many ways.

It is easier for girls to lose weight, make weight loss easier, and improve brain health and cognition, increasing their overall well-being. And also increase bone density in the body's health, improving flexibility and range of motion. Doing more resistance band training to decrease the symptoms of chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease, improves posture, balance, and stability when walking and reduces the risk of falls.

A perfect alternative for free weight training: Resistance band training can replace traditional weight-lifting exercise, effectively against gravity, making the training process safer and reducing the risk of injury; especially suitable for beginners and women who need to recover.

Increase Muscle Coordination: The elasticity of resistance bands can help to increase muscle balance, making all body parts work together smoothly, improving the efficiency of exercise, and building up a girl's buttocks.

Adjust the resistance level Freely: You should know that different colors of resistance bands represent different resistance levels; women can choose the correct resistance bands according to their own physical lever and training needs and easily adjust the training intensity.

Resistance Band

Resistance Band Training Examples for Women

Leg Training

  1. Squatting: Tie the resistance band tightly on top of your legs, let legs shoulder-width apart, holding both ends of the band, and slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then return to the standing position slowly
  2. Side Kick: Firstly, lying on the ground, stepping on the resistance band with one other foot, lifting the other foot upwards, and then slowly withdrawing it.

Upper Part Body Exercises

  1. Prone Rowing: Step on the middle of the resistance band, holding both ends of the band with both hands, bend slightly at the waist, then pull your elbows together to keep the band close to your chest, then relax your arms.
  2. Supine Chest Push-Up: Lie on the ground, hold both ends of the resistance band with both hands, then push your arms up straight.

You can find a resistance band course that you want in WeGym app. They have a professional coach who can teach the correct way to breathe and fit the fitness level.

Rigtht Form and Breathing Way

Form Instruction

  1. Keep the body stable: When performing resistance band training, keep the core muscles tight, stabilize the trunk, and avoid excessive swinging.
  2. Control the range of motion: the range of motion should be moderate to avoid excessive stretching or extension to prevent problems such as strains.

Breathing skills

  1. Breathe evenly: in the training process, keep breathing evenly, and do not hold your breath to fully supply oxygen to the muscles.
  2. with the action, usually in the relaxation phase exhale, force phase inhale, to improve the effect of the action.

Reasonable Training Program for Women

  • Beginner stage: In the beginning stage,3-4 times a week training is best, each time about 30 minutes. Focusing on the basic training of the whole-body muscles, gradually know more about yourself with various movements.
  • Intermediate stage: In the intermediate stage,4-5 training times sessions per week, each about 45 minutes. I was basing the level and adding some compound movements to increase the difficulty of training.
  • Advanced stage: In the advanced stage, training more than five training sessions per week, about 60 minutes per session. Add high resistance and complex movements to push your muscles to their limits.

You can find a resistance band training course that fits your fitness level in the WeGym app and follow the coach's instructions. The WeGym resistance band can adjust the range from 10-110 lbs.

Precautions When Working Out at Home

If you are a beginner at working out or have a body that feels uncomfortable, you should be careful when starting a fitness plan. The following tips can help you avoid injury: You should be gradually making exercises, slowly and progressively increasing the intensity and difficulty of your workouts over several weeks. Suppose you feel any pain, stoping and rest immediately. Don't train every day. You should trust your body's feelings. Working out every other day is best to allow your body and muscles to rest. It is not easy to rest too long or too short between sets. Usually, about 1 minute is suitable for beginners. Be extra careful with easy-to-injure areas such as the neck, shoulders, back and joints, wrists, knees, and ankles. Most of the movements involve exhaling when lifting and inhaling when lowering. Be sure not to hold your breath, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure.

Resistance band


Resistance band training is ideal for women to build strength and force their bodies without overbuilding their muscles. According to the article's statement, women should pay more attention to the proper form and the way of breathing. And adjust a reasonable fitness plan to your body situation. We believe women stick to training resistance band plans and follow the rules which are highlighted above, and gradually increase their fitness plan. You can make your own perfect. So let's join the resistance band training and enjoy your healthy journey to better health!

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