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WeGym is dedicated to helping people live a more active and healthy lifestyle through our portable smart, AI technology fitness equipment. WEGYM uses cutting edge technology to track your individual movements in real-time, giving you feedback on each movement you make. Great for beginners, seasoned athletes and anyone.



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Yoga Mats FAQ

Vinyl and rubber are popular materials used for making yoga mats. Vinyl mats are typically durable, while rubber mats contain eco-friendly substances like jute and cotton but may be less cushioned.

Various kinds of yoga mats are accessible in the market, including PVC, TPE, NBR, natural rubber, cork, cotton & hemp, jute, and other materials.

A quality yoga mat can cost between $50-75 and last more than two years. For eco-friendly mats with additional cushioning and comfort levels, the price range may go as high as $120, whereas budget-friendly options start from $45.

The most typical size of a yoga mat is 24 inches wide and 68 to 72 inches long, providing enough space for practitioners to move comfortably during their yoga sessions.

A thickness of 6mm is typically suitable for most practitioners; however, an 8mm mat may be more comfortable for those with sensitive joints or hips and knees.

Here at WeGym, we believe everyone deserves to live an active and joyful life.

WeGym was founded in the summer of 2020, right in the midst of the Covid-19  pandemic when everyone was confined to their homes. With gyms closed and outdoor activities  limited,  people  struggled to find an affordable way to exercise in cramped spaces.

These challenges were not small, affecting both physical and mental health on a global scale.

Despite the obstacles, the team that would eventually create WeGym refused to let fitness become  an unreachable luxury. As working professionals and active parents, each individual felt the shared  struggles of the world. With this understanding, they put their minds together and started working  on a solution.

WeGym’s vision was to make fitness simple, affordable, and adaptable for any living situation. With  many combined years working product development, smart tech, and manufacturing, the founders  began crafting fitness systems that could fit in a tote bag. And within a year, WeGym proudly  introduced its first home-friendly smart fitness product.

We are committed to keeping fitness simple and achievable, whether you're an experienced athlete  or a beginner. We're developing the tools and building the community to keep you engaged, motivated,  and steadily progressing towards your fitness goals.

Here at WeGym, we're all in this together, one step at a time.