Take Your Health Portable with the Rally X Smart Resistance Bands

Do you have everyone's favorite resolution that no one ever does?

Start working out, get healthy, go to the gym, or something to that effect? No one enjoys putting out all the money for a gym membership, getting out of the house, and leaving, but now there is a way to get the same workout in without leaving your comfortable home. Introducing to you, the Rally X Smart Resistance Bands.

While you can use these at home, they are also intended to be used in a gym setting, outdoors, or even when traveling. The Rally X Smart Resistance Bands work no matter where you are and can help you hit your health and fitness targets quicker and easier. With just owning the Rally X Smart Resistance Bands you will be able to connect straight and directly to smart fitness technology, providing you personal fitness wherever you decide to work out.

There are many features to the Rally X Smart Resistance Bands that will make any fitness enthusiast excited.

Key Features

The Rally X Smart Resistance Bands are entirely adjustable to fit your fitness level. You are able to adjust the resistance number, making them entirely adjustable and suitable for every training method you could through at it.

Being connected to smart fitness technology is great, but not everyone knows what it is. With the Rally X Smart Resistance Bands, it means connecting your resistance bands to the "WeGym" app on your smartphone through Bluetooth, giving you the ability to set courses, set goals, and watch your progress with the bands.

Your resistance bands are entirely waterproof as they are made from latex as well as IP54 for entirely safe use for everyone. These bands can resist sweat or drops of water if you are traveling with your resistance bands.
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