WeGym Revolutionizes the Portable Gym Industry with a Smart Band

WEGYM carves a unique niche in the fitness world, blending smart AI technology with Rally X resistance bands in a sleek, portable fitness kit offering health-conscious users immediate feedback on their workout anywhere, anytime.

The WEGYM app provides intelligent tracking and customized courses to enhance one's fitness routine and gives ample opportunities for setting achievable goals. Users can view their resistance level, number of stretches, and calories burned and receive recommendations for future workouts based on their targets. The ability to set and track goals in real time combined with portable, lightweight bands makes this set a perfect combination for home use, travelers, and even fitness trainers working with clients or physical therapists working with individuals undergoing rehabilitation.

If you're looking for a set of powerful resistance bands… They're extremely versatile, with all the parts and accessories for dozens of types of workouts…The app works seamlessly once you're connected, and the workout routines are helpful. If that's not enough, you also get superior battery life and a wide range of resistances.

Weighing a mere 2.4 lbs, the ergonomic, IP54 waterproof and dust-proof casing makes this set convenient for both indoor and outdoor use, at home or on-the-go, providing a power-packed workout for everyone from a beginner to a gym enthusiast. Quality sliding clamps intensify the level of tension without the need to switch out bands like other sets. Easy-clip carabiners combine with a special strap to transform even a tree or pole into a workout or use free-mode to eliminate the need to attach at all. The split loop on the door anchor allows for an effective one-arm workout.

The WeGym All-In-One Portable Home Gym equipment includes an easy-to-transport box with two attractive orange and black nylon-covered natural latex rubber resistance bands, two handles, two padded wrist bands, two comfortable ankle bands, a door anchor, a suspension strap, a mesh carry bag and a charging cable. Package options include heavy-duty "Black" (8.8-61 lbs), "Hybrid" (7.7-55 lbs) and "Orange" (6.6-40 lbs). Smart technology in WeGym equipment incorporates Bluetooth connectivity to send real-time data to the app, USB rechargeable batteries and 42 hours of use after only 2 hours of charging for superior battery life.

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Reference: WEGYM Revolutionizes the Portable Gym Industry with a Smart

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