WEGYM Rally X Solves The Fitness Problem For Small Spaces

When you lack space for exercise equipment in your home and can't afford a gym membership, staying fit can be tough. WEGYM Rally X solves that problem.

WEGYM Rally X Solves The Fitness Problem For Small Spaces

People have tons of excuses for why they don't exercise. From I don't have the time to I can't afford a gym membership, my readers have plenty of excuses of why they don't want to do regular fitness training. My followers on Facebook will admire my physical fitness routine and then desire to engage in exercise. Then they start with all the excuses. They wish that they had the room for an elliptical but follow with their house is too small or that they can't afford gym equipment.

I received a WEGYM to facilitate this post

Well, you people have run out of excuses for why you don't exercise! The WEGYM Rally X is the perfect piece of fitness equipment that solves the fitness problem for small spaces. The WEGYM is an All-In-One Portable Home Gym equipment that can be used almost anywhere in your home. This unique gym supply can also be used outside and in a hotel room.

Meet WEGYM Intelligent Customized Training Resistance Bands

WEGYM is a set of powerful resistance bands that are made for fitness. These strong resistance bands were designed for people who are just starting in fitness. The bands are also great for those wanting to add to their fitness regime. The WEGYM is a piece of home fitness gym equipment that will strengthen your body without the need for a separate fitness room in your home.

Getting and staying in shape can be an ongoing struggle. This is especially true when space is an issue. Workout machines can take up a lot of space, and you don’t always have the luxury of hitting the gym.
WEGYM Rally X Solves The Fitness Problem For Small Spaces

The WEGYM Rally X Smart Resistance Bands are not your typical rubber resistance bands. The bands are made with natural latex rubber. These strong bands are Intelligent Customized Training bands that not only help you reach your fitness goals but show you how to get there with a customized fitness plan. So you can take your simple weightlifting routine to the next level.

The WEGYM App is like having your own fitness trainer

Resistance bands can be a powerful piece of gym equipment to help you gain stronger muscles. The problem with most of the resistance bands on the market is they are flimsy or difficult to use. Either the bands break or you simply do not know how to use resistance bands for strength exercises.

The WEGYM App solves that problem. This unique fitness app has a huge database of body strengthening videos that show the user of the WEGYM Rally X Bands how to use the equipment. I love that the fitness videos can be selected based on what body part you are looking to strengthen. The WEGYM App then goes one step further and connects to the WEGYM Rally X Bands to give the workout person intelligent tracking and customized courses to enhance one's fitness routine.

Users can view their
+ resistance level
+ number of stretches
+ calories burned
+ receive recommendations for future workouts
WEGYM Rally X Solves The Fitness Problem For Small Spaces

The WEGYM Rally X Smart Resistance Bands are small but mighty

These strong, durable bands only weigh 2.4 pounds and are waterproof. So you can use them both inside and outside. So you can get a workout anywhere. Like your typical resistance band set, it includes a door anchor to hook over any door in your home. If you don't have a door, no problem as these bands come with a suspension strap that can be wrapped around a tree or a pole. So these bands can be included in a stay at home moms fitness plan. Moms can use the WEGYM while playing with their kids at the park.

My favorite part about the resistance bands from WEGYM is how easy it is to change the intensity of the bands. The Adjustable Resistance eliminates the need to unclip and reclip the bands to make them stronger. Resistance change can be made in 1 second. So I can work my muscles at different strengths.

The WEGYM All-In-One Portable Home Gym equipment includes an easy-to-transport box with two attractive orange and black nylon-covered natural latex rubber resistance bands, two handles, two padded wrist bands, two comfortable ankle bands, a door anchor, a suspension strap, a mesh carry bag, and a charging cable.
WEGYM Rally X Solves The Fitness Problem For Small Spaces

WEGYM Rally X Smart Resistance Bands are fun to use

I loved adding the Rally X Smart Resistance Bands to my home gym. These bands gave me a fresh new way to work out my muscles. I started including muscle-strengthening exercises in my fitness routine 3 years ago and they have been a game-changer for my body. I used to think that cardio was enough for staying in shape but when my body turned 50, my muscles started to sag.

We ladies don't need to lift heavy weights like bodybuilders for a strong body but we do need to keep our muscles strong. The WEGYM Rally X is the perfect solution for strong muscles for ladies. These bands can replace those kettlebells and hand weights. The WEGYM Bands can from 8.8 to 61 pounds of resistance. So your muscles get the same workout of lifting weights of these same weights.

I was amazed at all the different muscle workouts that I could do with the bands. The videos on the WEGYM app showed me new ways to work my arm and core muscles. The bands were simple to use. I attached the WEGYM anchor to my front door. I liked that I could attach the band to the bottom of my door, unlike my previous set of resistance bands, to perform new strength exercises. When I was done with my workout I stored the Rally X bands in my workout equipment box. 

For more information, visit WEGYM Sports

WEGYM Rally X Solves The Fitness Problem For Small Spaces

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