WEGYM Rally X Review: Smartphone Connected Resistance Bands

Everyone knows that dumbbells are great for fitness training. They do take a lot of space and are not convenient to take around though. Resistance bands serve as a nice alternative and can be used anywhere for full body training. WEGYM's Rally X are not your average resistance bands. They connect to your smartphone and have sensors to measure your movement in real-time to give you feedback.

The good folks at WeGym were kind enough to send us a kit to review. Our kit came with two bands, two handles, 2 ankle straps, an extension band, and a door anchor. These bands have a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time. They also go to sleep automatically. What's neat is you can easily adjust resistance level from 6.6 to 61lbs depending on the bands you have. Light resistance bands go from 6.6 to 40lbs while larger ones go from 8.8 to 61lbs. To change resistance level, you simply have to move the clamps up or down.

What sets these resistance bands apart from others is their app connectivity. You can not only use them to try a wide variety of workouts that match your fitness goals but also measure the effort you put in. The companion app comes with AI guided workouts with voice feedback but you can always do your own and simply rely on the app to measure your effort.
Smart resistance bands are not entirely new but a couple we tested in the past had connection or battery problems. We did not encounter any of those issues with the Rally X bands. They are sleek, well made, and track reliably in long workout sessions. You can fit them in the included bag to take with you anywhere. Best of all, unlike regular resistance bands, these keep you honest, so you will know how hard you are working your body each session. The companion app's guided workouts are just the icing on the cake, so you won't have an excuse not to exercise, even in a small space.

Reference: gadgetify

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