Strength Training Without Weights With The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart

Think the only way to have strong muscles is by lifting weights, think again. The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart Resistance Bands is a lightweight full-body system that helps build muscles and more.

Strength Training Without Weights With The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart

For so many folks, they start getting older and their muscles start to sag. This muscle sag is extremely noticeable in the upper arms. This muscle sagginess can also happen even in athletes who just focus on cardio and not strength training. I was one of those athletes who focused on running and ignored the advice of strength training. So around 50 years of age, I noticed that my arms started to look flabby. I also noticed that my midsection or stomach became more jiggly.

Misconceptions and time are excuses for not including muscle-building exercises in your fitness routine.

The Benefits of Weightlifting For Older Ladies

I was surprised to look at my before and after photos of my six months weightlifting journey. The changes in my muscles were very noticeable. I liked what I saw in the mirror and I liked that I was stronger. When I started lifting weights, I could not even do one pushup and now I am able to do 20 pushups.

Weightlifting requires a gym membership or having to invest in a set of multiple weights ~ NOT TRUE

Most people think that the only way to get strong muscles is by visiting the gym and hanging out with sweaty bodybuilders. That is so not the case for building strong muscles. Then there are the folks who want to build some muscles and they spend way too much money on weights and barbells for at-home workouts. Only to discover that they don't have the space for gym equipment at home. So the weights get moved to the garage and don't get used.

I received a WEGYM to facilitate this post.
Strength Training Without Weights With The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart

Don't spend money on weights, dumbells, or kettlebells until you check out the WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart Resistance Bands ~ the lightweight, small space way for muscle strength training. 

Stop making excuses about including strength training exercises in your workout routine and invest in your health with a unique fitness system that improves strength, mobility, and flexibility. The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart Resistance Bands is a small portable fitness system that fits your busy lifestyle and small spaces.

No longer do you need to have big bulky gym equipment in your bedroom to get the exercise that you need to tone your muscles. The WEGYM is fitness equipment that will not become an expensive clothes hanger. This is a state-of-the-art, lightweight, and comprehensive smart fitness system that fits into a small bag. So it is also great for traveling.

+ Improves strength, mobility, and flexibility
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Easy to use

What's in the box

One Pair of X3 Rally Pro Resistance Bands, including:

● One touchscreen LCD display
● High-precision Smart Sensors that sync with your mobile device
● Fully-adjustable resistance bands (10-110 lbs)
● Instructions for downloading our FREE WeGym Training APP with extensive professional training workouts
Strength Training Without Weights With The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart
● Wrist Bands (two)
● Ankle Bands (two)
● Hand Grips (two)
● Object Anchor
● Door Anchor

All-in-one Fitness Trainer, Portable Home Gym System for all levels of fitness performance

The WEGYM is perfect for all levels of fitness performance. The resistance bands easily adjust from 10 pounds of strength to 110 pounds. So you can use the resistance bands for building strong muscles or stretching exercises. This unique system can be used by someone who is starting out with strength training all the way to a bodybuilder.

Can be used anywhere

The WEGYM can be used anywhere, inside or outside. This set includes a door anchor and an object anchor. I love that I can place the WEGYM over a door, around a tree, or on my exercise bike. So that allows me to work out different muscle groups. I like to keep the resistance bands on a closet door so it is always ready for me to work my muscles. That way I can get a couple of sets of muscle training in while waiting for my coffee to warm up in the microwave.
Strength Training Without Weights With The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart

The workout sensors make building strong muscles fun

My teen son loves to see how much strength he has in his arms and the workout sensors display his resistance strength when he pulls on the resistance bands. I love that the WEGYM training app accurately records my workout data, including movement stability, variations in resistance strength, explosive levels, and much more. That way I can track my progress and plan future workouts.

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The WEGYM goes beyond strength training and can be used for a full-body workout. I love that I can use these bands in place of a rowing machine. These bands give me an intense workout anywhere in my home. So I can use them while watching TV or listening to music. The WEGYM app gives me access to a whole bunch of exercise videos that I can use with the device so I am learning so many ways to use this fitness equipment. This is a fun exercise system that will help keep your muscles strong.

Check out more about the WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart System
Strength Training Without Weights With The WEGYM Rally X3 Pro Smart

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