The Definitive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Yoga Mat Size and Thickness


  1. Consider Your Physical Condition
  2. Choose the Appropriate Yoga Mat Thickness
  3. Choose a Yoga Mat Matching Your Yoga Type
  4. Choosing a Yoga Mat Depends on Where You Practice Yoga

This blog will introduce choosing a yoga mat size and thickness suitable for your body size and yoga practice style. Explain the impact of yoga mats of different sizes and thicknesses on posture, support, and comfort.

We recommend suitable yoga mats based on your physical condition, level of yoga practice, type of yoga, location of yoga practice, and other factors. Provide a purchasing guide to choose the best yoga mat based on your needs and budget. We mainly recommend some natural rubber exercise mats and suede yoga mats.

Consider Your Physical Condition

If your joints are sore, please choose a thicker yoga mat for knee protection. The thickness of the standard yoga mat is 4mm, but it can reach a maximum of 8mm. A thicker non-slip yoga mat will prevent joint damage. You can choose a thick non-slip yoga mat if you want more cushioning.

The size of the yoga mat is 61cmx173cm. Currently, the standard thickness of yoga mats internationally is 1.5 mm-8 mm. But for beginners in yoga, using a 6-8mm yoga mat is sufficient not choose a thicker and more comfortable one because beginners have not yet mastered balance when practicing yoga, and if the yoga mat is too thick. The standard yoga mat is 173cm long but may need longer if you are taller. You can choose an extended version of 183cm.

Choose the Appropriate Yoga Mat Thickness

Yoga fans can choose the proper thickness of yoga mats based on their level of training.

Beginners can choose a thickness of 6mm-8mm yoga mat. This is the most suitable thickness for beginners. Yoga is an exercise focusing on balance. A thick yoga mat makes it difficult to perceive the ground and maintain balance.

Mid-level yoga fans can choose a thickness of 3mm-5mm yoga mat. 3mm to 5mm is the standard thickness of a yoga mat, suitable for mid-level yoga fans.

The senior can choose a yoga mat with a thickness of 1.5mm-3mm. The advantage of a thin yoga mat is that it is easy to carry, so you can take it to class, travel, and make it easy for yoga fans to use anytime and anywhere.

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Choose a Yoga Mat Matching Your Yoga Type

If you are practicing "Flow Yoga," the connection between its postures is seamless and requires more complex movements, then you need a mat with outstanding grip to fix your arms and legs in place. We recommend a natural rubber yoga mat for this type of yoga practice.

If you are practicing "Yin Yoga," its posture is more like sitting on the ground, so grip is not very important. On the contrary, please use a soft and comfortable yoga mat. We recommend a suede yoga mat for this type of yoga practice.

If you are practicing "Hot Yoga," this type is practiced in a high-temperature environment of 38 ℃ -40 ℃. You may choose a mat specifically designed for this type of yoga. These mats can prevent slipping when sweat flows onto them. We recommend a suede or natural rubber non-slip yoga mat for this yoga practice.

Choosing a Yoga Mat Depends on Where You Practice Yoga

The location of the yoga practice will also determine the type of yoga mat you choose.

If you plan to practice yoga at home, there is no need to select lightweight mats that can easily transport. So natural rubber yoga mats would be more suitable.

If you practice yoga outdoors or travel frequently and do yoga during the journey, choose a thin yoga mat you can easily carry, such as a suede yoga mat.

We recommend WEGYM brand yoga mats, both natural rubber and suede yoga mats are 4mm thick and 71L X 26W wide, suitable for most types of yoga exercises. There are yoga mats suitable for fixed practice at home or in the classroom and portable yoga mats ideal for outdoor and travel. WEGYM brand yoga mat has a wide selection of colors, such as grey yoga mats, which are high-quality and good-looking. The review of the suede yoga mat and the natural rubber exercise mat is excellent. Click here to learn more about WEGYM brand yoga mats.

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In summary, the thickness of a yoga mat is an essential factor affecting its comfort and support. Usually, yoga mats with a thickness between 3-6 mm are the most popular. A thin yoga mat that is too thin may make you feel uncomfortable, while a yoga mat that is too thick may make you lose the connection to the ground. 3-6mm is a suitable thickness for yoga mats, which can protect the body from bumps and pain and not be too soft to find a sense of balance. Yoga mats are also like clothes; taller individuals also need larger ones. If the yoga mat is too small, it will affect the practice of the yoga mat, causing many yoga movements to complete outside the mat surface.

Not only does it not provide protection, but it also dramatically affects the mood of practicing yoga and directly affects the effectiveness of yoga practice. People under 170cm in height can choose a 173cm yoga mat. People under 180cm tall or needing an extension can choose a 183cm yoga mat. If you are overweight, you can purchase a widened yoga mat. You can prioritize choosing WEGYM natural rubber exercise mats and suede yoga mats.

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