From Beginner to Pro: Finding the Best Yoga Mat to Grow Your Practice


  1. What Aspects Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing a Yoga Mat?
  2. What Type of Yoga Mat Should Beginners Choose?
  3. What Type of Yoga Mat Should Experienced Yoga Enthusiasts Choose?
  4. Recommend Some Good Yoga Mat Brands for Yoga Enthusiasts

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Yoga has numerous physical and mental benefits, but with the latest yoga mat designs, it can also be a stylish and enjoyable experience.

But with so many gorgeous options, choosing the perfect yoga mat for your practice can be hard. That's why we've put together some helpful suggestions to guide you in your selection process.

Our yoga mats will help you achieve your fitness goals by improving blood vessel elasticity, reducing stress, and regulating emotions. They'll also make you feel confident and stylish during your practice. So why settle for a boring, uninspiring mat when you can choose one that lifts your spirits and enhances your practice? Check out our blog for more selection tips, and get ready to step up your yoga game.

What Aspects Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing a Yoga Mat?

Choosing a high-quality and suitable yoga mat, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The thickness of the yoga mat.
  2. The type of yoga you practice and the material and price of the yoga mat.
  3. Pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and index finger to test its pressure resistance, comfort, and support.
  4. Wet a small yoga mat and simulate the condition after sweating to see if it will slip.
  5. Use an eraser on the yoga mat to see if the material is prone to cracking.
  6. Pay attention to the fabric of yoga mats and choose environmentally friendly ones.

Before purchasing yoga mats, beginners should determine their own needs to avoid selecting unsuitable ones.

What Type of Yoga Mat Should Beginners Choose?

A yoga mat is used to help yoga fans to keep balance and protect human joints. Generally, yoga mats are made of natural latex or rubber, with uniform surface particles, complete foaming, and a soft feel, making them an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. Currently, the thickness of yoga mats on the market varies from 1mm to 15mm. Generally, beginners should choose thicker ones and wait until they have a foundation before choosing thinner ones. It is recommended to purchase a size of around 10mm when practicing yoga and switch to a thickness between 3.5mm and 5mm after becoming proficient. Choosing a yoga mat with moderate slip resistance is beneficial for beginners, as they may not be familiar with various movements at the beginning and may experience a state of body imbalance. However, a slip-resistant mat can protect the body during falls and prevent beginners from slipping. The natural rubber exercise mat or suede yoga mat performs well in all aspects and is more suitable for beginners in yoga.

What Type of Yoga Mat Should Experienced Yoga Enthusiasts Choose?

If you already have a specific foundation in yoga practice, use resistance bands to enhance your training effectiveness.

We recommend a natural rubber or suede yoga mat if you practice yoga in a fixed indoor practice venue. The natural rubber exercise mat is waterproof and non-slip; even if the soles of the feet and hands sweat when practicing yoga, the non-slip effect is still strong. Beautiful non-slip particles are made on the front and back for a better result. When doing yoga on top, you will feel soft and comfortable without feeling thin. It won't harden over time. It is smooth, snug, and flat on the ground, and the entire cushion can hold and grip the floor. The suede yoga mat is non-toxic, PVC-free, metal-free, and has no irritating taste, making it a top-grade yoga mat. The suede yoga mat has a natural oxidation and cracking function, which will not cause damage to the environment, can be recycled, and avoids environmental pollution. The suede yoga mat is soft and snug, lying flat on the ground. The entire yoga mat can hold and grip the ground, reducing the likelihood of us falling. We recommend using a yoga towel if you often practice yoga outdoors or while travelling. Yoga towels are very thin and are only suitable for enthusiasts with a particular foundation in yoga. The most significant characteristic of yoga towels is that they are lightweight and convenient, but their non-slip and protective properties may deviate.

Recommend Some Good Yoga Mat Brands for Yoga Enthusiasts

If you need to know what yoga mat brand to choose, we strongly recommend the WEGYM yoga mats, including the natural rubber exercise mat and the suede yoga mat. Its suede yoga mat comes in three colors, Gradient Green, Gradient Pink, and Graffiti. It can meet the selection needs of enthusiasts of different genders and colors. The product review of suede yoga mats is also excellent. You can click here to learn more detailed information.

Regardless of the material of the yoga mat, it needs to be regularly wiped to keep it clean. If the material is inconvenient to brush, it can be cleaned regularly, dried, and reused. Do not use organic substances such as gasoline to clean the mat. Just wipe with clean water. If you feel pretty dirty, take a small amount of neutral detergent, wipe away the stain, and rinse it thoroughly under water.

Practicing yoga poses can prevent and regulate diseases, strengthen the body, and significantly benefit our physical and mental health.

Choosing a high-quality and suitable yoga mat impacts the experience of yoga practice. We hope that yoga enthusiasts at different stages of training learn to choose a yoga mat that suits them.

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