5 Fresh Home Gym Basement Ideas with Resistance Bands

Are you tired of the same home workout routine? Spice these 5 fresh home gym basement ideas using resistance bands! These versatile pieces of equipment are perfect for adding extra resistance to your workouts, and they're easy to store in even the smallest spaces.

Home gym basement ideas using resistance bands

Weight training is often not a must-have product for home gym. The options for weight training are endless, from push-ups and plank variations to strength training moves like hill climbs and jump squats, from basics like the Bulgarian split squat to superhero moves like the one-arm pull-up.

However, a weight-only workout at home has its drawbacks. For example, bodyweight training is much more difficult to tune than resistance band training, so beginners often find a weight-only movement too challenging (which can lead to injury).

More significant individuals and those with injuries or chronic joint problems may also find that exercising with weights training alone doesn't suit their needs.

For experienced trainees, some movements can only perform by adding external resistance. Specific muscle groups are very challenging to train with weight alone. The main groups that come to mind are the back muscles (rhomboids, lats, etc.). If you still need to get a pull-up bar or can perform unassisted pull-ups, there are very few ways to train your back muscles.

So, what's recommended instead of weight-only training if you're planning on building your home gym?

Resistance band.

The only non-negotiable piece of equipment you should have for working out at home is a set of resistance bands. If you start and need gym equipment, this is the first thing you need. Resistance bands take up almost no space, and the workout options are endless and challenging!

There are several types of resistance bands. The more common resistance bands are tube bands with handles, power bands, therapy bands, and mini bands. These resistance bands are in demand in different periods or conditions. We recommend starting with these three resistance bands: tube bands with handles, power bands and mini bands.

5 home gym basement idea with resistance bands

  • Create a multi-functional workout space

In resistance band training, you replace bulky exercise equipment with stretch rubber resistance bands. The force it takes to stretch the bands works your muscles like free weights or machines.

And also, training using resistance bands provides similar strength gains to conventional gym equipment. Resistance bands might not look like much, but they can strengthen your muscles as effectively as traditional weights. In many ways, bands put more tension on your strengths and work them longer during movements.

That means you can only use a set of resistance bands to build a home gym.

  • Use resistance bands for bodyweight exercises

Resistance band training muscle is the best introduction for fitness beginners, and it is also a good fitness essential tool for people with a fitness foundation.

It will help if you overload the muscle with weight or resistance to build muscle size. The overload creates tiny tears in the muscle fiber (hence the term "getting ripped") that allow new muscle tissue to grow. Lifting weights, lifting your body weight, and using resistance bands help overload your muscles and build them up. The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy found that resistance bands were just as influential as a weight machine in activating the quadriceps during a knee extension's concentric or "up" phase.

If you are a beginner and want to invest less, resistance bands as weight training are also worth investing in. Even if you are experienced, resistance band training is also a long-term choice.

  • Set up a circuit training station

The "circuit" in circuit training comes from doing a sequence of exercises and then you repeat the line. And then again. You cycle through the planned sequence of exercises or circuits multiple times. That's circuit training.

Generally, you hit each major muscle group during one entire circuit. You may do a lower body for one exercise. Then the upper body the next.

Here are some suggestions for some resistance band circuit workouts you can do that works for most people.

Resistance band Circuit 1: Seated Row, Shoulder Press, Split Lunge, Tricep Dip
Resistance Band Circuit 2: Squat, Bent Over Row, Standing Chest Press, Reverse Lunge and Knee Raise
Resistance Band Circuit 3: Deadlift, High Row (Face Pull), Peevish Punches, Kneeling Press Up
Resistance Band Circuit 4: WoodChop, Shoulder Pull, Frontal Plan Lunge, Tricep Extension
Resistance Band Circuit 5: Squat with shoulder press, lat raise and front raise, single arm row, plank walk

  • Use resistance bands for functional training

Let's define what functional training is. Functional means serving a purpose, so functional training is just that. Facilitate training for practical purposes. Training will make your everyday life better. Whether it is resistance band bench press training, push-ups with resistance bands or resistance band pull-up training are what we call functional training. Click on the previous blog, and let's follow up together.

  • Incorporate resistance bands into yoga and Pilates

Resistance bands can be incorporated into almost any workout to add an added challenge, luckily, yoga is no exception. According to the National Institute of Fitness and Exercise, yoga with resistance bands has many benefits. Most obviously, they provide extra tension and resistance to other movements, pushing your muscles to work harder.

Here's are five ideas to incorporate resistance bands into your yoga practice.

1. Resistance in the arms with a high lunge and a pulse - This exercise will help build glute strength, thanks to the pulse, and help build upper body strength with the resistance bands around the arms.
2. Downward Facing Dog with Resistance Bands - This is an excellent way to build hamstring strength.
3. Bridge Pose with Resistance Bands and Abductor pulse - This is a great way to build lower body strength, including the glutes.
4. Dead bug exercise with Bands - Great for core strength and leg strength.
5. Arm Pulse - An excellent way to build back and upper arm strength.

Resistance band work with pilates bar

We sincerely recommend using WEGYM Rally X3 Pro as essential equipment for building our home gym. In addition to satisfying the various functions of using resistance bands mentioned above as smart fitness equipment, it can also guide us in working out at home alone, just like in the gym, with coach guidance and data feedback. Click here and view more.

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