The Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are mostly made of elastic materials such as latex and rubber, which can be stretched to generate resistance for training. There are many different forms of resistance bands, such as tube bands with handles, power bands, therapy bands, mini bands, and so on.

Many people are full of misunderstandings and doubts about resistance bands, such as whether they can build muscles and whether they can play an effective role in fitness.

1. Resistance Band in Building Muscle

First of all, we need to know that resistance (also known as back drag force or fluid resistance) is the force opposite to the direction of motion generated by the relative motion of an object in a fluid. The human body can grow muscles through resistance (whether it is freehand exercise, resistance bands, dumbbells, mechanical training equipment, etc.) to destroy the composition of the muscles and then recombine them through the intake of protein. Therefore, the resistance band is obviously also a kind of resistance, so training with the resistance band can grow muscles.

Many people will strive to train "muscles of large muscle groups", but ignore the importance of "muscles of small muscle groups".

When we are doing squats, grip presses, deadlifts, and other actions, in addition to the muscles of the large muscle groups playing the main force, there are actually many small muscle groups that play the role of assisting and stabilizing the body. Therefore, the strength of small muscle groups is very important. Strong small muscle groups can help lift the maximum weight of each project upwards, and resistance bands are just a very effective tool for training small muscle groups.

2. The Perfect Tool For Glutes Training

Sitting in a bad posture for a long time will cause hip joint mobility and strength imbalance. Some mini resistance band (buttock circle) exercises can help us increase hip joint mobility, and strength. By using these mini resistance bands to activate the body's buttocks muscles to drive force, it helps to perform some movements correctly, such as squats, bridge poses, etc. The mini resistance band can also help friends who do not rely on the hips to exert force. When the knees are subjected to continuous inward resistance, the hips will naturally exert force to maintain the stability of the body. It’s really a good choice for growing glutes.

3. Easy To Carry And Use

The resistance band is very lightweight, tiny, and convenient to carry. With the resistance band, you can do a lot of movements directly in the open space or any small space. Basically, the muscles of the whole body can be trained. In addition to using it directly, you can also find a pillar or a place that can be fixed to do more exercises.

4. Adjustable Resistance Level

Mini resistance bands are smaller versions of power resistance bands, made of rubber or fabric and most often used for lateral lower body exercises. Wrap them around the ankle or just below the knee for high hip tension. The glutes aren't the only thing these bands do. The mini resistance bands are great for shoulder stability and help improve your coordination during handstands.

These bands come in roughly three sizes, light, medium, and heavy, with resistance levels ranging from 5 lbs to 50 lbs.

You can find mini bands in light, medium, and heavy resistance levels from 5 lbs to 50 lbs.

5. Unisex

As mentioned in the previous point, using the resistance band can adjust the weight and even the thickness of the resistance band. The resistance bands range from thin to thick. Of course, the thicker and the stronger the elasticity is, so you can choose different thicknesses according to your needs, so it's not a big deal to worry about choosing the wrong band.
The Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands

And how to choose the pounds you need?
The choice of pounds should be based on the part you want to train (and the strength of the individual body), for example:

The side triangle and the rear triangle can be made with lighter pounds (15-35 pounds).

Push-ups and back stretches can be done with heavier pounds (35-85 pounds).

But the tips above are just an example according to our experience! Choosing a suitable resistance band should base on your own physical condition, and you can evaluate which part to use according to your own weight. 

If you want to avoid the above inconveniences, if you don't know how to choose the weight and also have no idea how to choose the suitable one according to your physical condition, WEGYM Rally X3 Pro is really recommended. With 10-110lbs resistance level adjustable, abundant accessories that can apply to workout different body parts, and only 2.4lbs whole device weight that you can easily carry out, and with a free training APP that can guide you to work out correctly. Let's take a look here.

The Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands

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